Illegal Immigrants Swimmers?

Felicia shook me up from my lazy Sunday morning sleep with her unusual exclamatory expression. “I thought it was a big fish but it looks like someone swimming out there in the sea! No, there are 3 of them!” Swimmers in these waters? No one in the right mind will do that. First, it is a busy shipping line, it is like jogging in the middle of an expressway (you will be extremely lucky if none of these boats hit you). Second, it is extremely risky to swim in these toxic waters. It is filled with raw sewage and chemical effluent. Lastly, if the first 2 reasons didn’t kill you – the strong unstable water current will drag you under. And even if you survive all the 3 risks, it is still illegal to swim in these waters. (Strange enough, the Police boat that went past 100m away didn’t spot them!)

I took out my “paparazzi lens” and zoomed in to the spot where Felicia pointed. There were really 3 swimmers out there. One of them seemed having trouble swimming and he was threading water for about 5 minutes. After a good 10-minute sighting, we lost sight of them as they swam behind the blocks of apartments.

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