When (Play)Boy Becomes Man

When Leon announced his wedding plans 4 months ago, many of us couldn’t believe it. He was a notorious playboy of our clan. After years of waiting and “nagging”, Leon finally tied the knot with his Xiamen sweetheart, Qiaoqiao last night at the Traders’ Hotel Orchard.

Growing up with Leon was never easy. He was the lead prankster, a very street-smart leader who often got the kids into serious trouble. My cousin Leon was a very successful playboy or you call him a natural charmer – he has the height, the 6-pack and a very very seductive smile. Girls of all ages, races simply flocked to him. (Yes, I am jealous cos I have to work so hard to woo the girls. With Leon around, I can never get girls – that is why I hardly hang out with him after Secondary 4. Haaaa)

Every playboy has his day. A day when (play)boy becomes man. It was only through his best-man we found out about those “super un-playboy’s deeds” that Leon has done for his wife. He tattooed her name on his body, he jumped into a river just to prove his love for her…and god knows how many more unlikely stunts my cousin did for his love one. (Well, at least we know he really really love his wife! And he finally found a good match!)

It was a wonderful and enjoyable evening with all the friends and relatives. Once again, congrats to my Auntie Amy and Uncle Benny! All the best, Cousin Leon and Qiaoqiao. Great speech by the way! (And Chester – you will be in the spotlight soon! Better fix it soon lah. Those aunties are coming…)

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