iPad Fever

Apple has mastered and formulated the "divine" recipe to win the hearts and minds (and souls) of its consumers. It has been quite a while since we last saw a craze like this. Other than the senseless "Hello Kitty" MacDonald toys in the early 2000s, I cannot recall another electronic brand or product which had such an impact on the consumers. People around the world are just so crazy and mad about Apple products (iPhone, Mac Air).

Yesterday, Apple launched iPad in Hong Kong. The response were as crazy as the previous launches in Japan and the USA. Queues were started the night before and by morning, it was clear that the shops do not have enough stocks for everyone. Within the first hour, all iPads were sold out. The distribution strategy by Apple is so brilliant. Like drugs, the "out-of-stock" sign deepen the "desperation" of the shoppers. Empty-handed shoppers were eager to find out about the next re-stocking. Some even offered to buy "queue-space" in order to secure their own iPads.

Many in the queues were Chinese. Hong Kong is probably the cheapest place to buy Apple products. (There is no tax and GST here!) These "water-goods" buyers came in group to "secure the first units" for their mainland customers. It is a very lucrative business. There are a big demand in China for genuine Apple products. Smuggled goods in China cost 20-35% more than the official retail price.

We were very very lucky today. We were in the right place at the right time. This afternoon, we were heading to our favourite HMV Shop in Causeway Bay when we saw a small line of shoppers queuing outside the Apple Shop. We were informed that there will be a new supply of iPads! What a rare opportunity! We stood in the queue for less 15 minutes and we bought 4 iPads!

Unknown to Felicia – Since early May, I was planning to get her an iPad for our 200th Month Anniversary! After yesterday’s out-of-stock disappointment, I was going to get her another gift. So, you can imagine my joy today when I paid for these iPads! Cos’ today is our Anniversary! Just in time! There can never be another perfect timing!

4 Responses to iPad Fever

  1. Big says:

    If iPAD can go borderless.. that will be perfect!

  2. M says:

    Trying hard to "resist" the temptations.. but gets harder & harder… hmm… oh well, like they say:"if u can’t beat them, join them!"

  3. Big says:

    I love Steve’s global conversion strategy. He is using iPOD, iPhone and now iPAD to get people to switch over to MAC platform. Now, that is amazing!Considering Apple’s late entry in the mobile telecom category, Steve has done well to lead the mobile industry. Now, I look down on the wannabes like Samsung Galaxy "S".The best of all – Apple makes their products affordable for the main-stream. Yeah.. you should get one. It is superbly useful as a tool.

  4. M says:

    Hmm… JC seems like You are "infected" by the ‘APPLE Disease’ more deeply than me. 4 iPADs?! My Gosh! Around 6 years ago when we are still working together, then I was the only one who started using APPLE products, you were then a "anti-APPLE" consumer, look at now?! Whoohoo! Welcome to the "APPLE suckers" group!(no offense, just kidding!)Still can’t get over it, 4 iPadsss… Wah Biang! I am still hesitating to get it…

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