The Pinkest Wild Dolphins

Believe it or not, there are wild dolphins out there in Hong Kong. Surviving the polluted waters and congested sea port, these pink dolphins can be found in waters less than 2 kilometers away from the Hong Kong International Airport.

After more than 1 year talking about this, we decided to go out there to see these dolphins. It was a 4-hour excursion. We paid HKD360/adult and HKD160/child. The weather was great – sunny blue sky and cool ocean breeze.

Dolphin-spotting is not easy. Unless you come with a good pair of binoculars or a super zoom lens, you are not going to get anywhere close to these magnificent mammals. (Unless you hired your own private boat to stalk them illegally.) Due to their unusual colour (pink), it was very difficult to spot them from a distant. You may mistake the "white caps" (waves) as their fins. Each appearance, these dolphins stayed about 2-3 seconds above water – it was very challenging to snap them. Elkan was grumbling all the time as he had little patience to spot them. He was more interested running up and down between the decks. (Eventually, he vomited and caused a big stinky mess.)

Our encounter with the Pinkies was short and little. Nevertheless, it was more than just "dolphin-spotting", it was a very unique Sunday experience. It was a special treat for Tracy (her birthday gift!) Out there in the sea, we had a splendid view of the airport and the landing planes. All of us really enjoyed the sunny
weather and the boat ride. At least, I got myself a good tan.

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