Videos from my Dead Harddisk


It is such a good feeling to wake up early – especially on a Sunday. My
mood is completely opposite of the cold gloomy HK weather. In fact, I am
very very happy today. I managed to recover my precious data from my
old dead harddisk! I am talking about 200GB of photographs, videos and
working files.

I was browsing through some of those "homemade
videos" – and I couldn’t help myself laughing aloud at 6:30am! These were
the classic moments. Thanks to YouTube and Facebook, these content is
now uploaded and will be super safe in cyber-world for generations! Haaa…not sure if Jimmy or Tracy appreciate that. These videos will
certainly tickle many but annoy those who starred in them. (Sigh…if only I have a HD Camera back then…) Enjoy!

2 Responses to Videos from my Dead Harddisk

  1. kal says:

    I’m so glad it’s not HD … cos can hardly tell that’s me! PHEW! But I thought I danced quite well … Haha

  2. Stella says:

    wahahahaha..i totally enjoy it all too..indeed, you jus brighthen up my day i woke up super early too tis morning @ 6:45am..just 15mins later than you..hehe..i still like the bruce lee VS cowgirl one..super duper funny lah..cant stop laughing @ their actions & words they exchanged..haha..thanks!

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