Last Day of CNY – Our Happie & Lucky Lunch

It has been a long while since we have new faces joining our little HK clan. Yesterday (in the good spirits of CNY), 3 new good friends – Danielle, Natalie and Jaslin graced my home with cookies and lots of laughters! For Elkan, it was like his "match-making" session. He was so thrilled to have 3 pretty ladies hugging and holding his hand.

At noon, we had lunch with my 3 rich lonely brothers – Mike, Scott and Harshad. Mike booked a big table at my favourite Western Market restaurant where we had good, affordable dim-sum! Later at 5pm, we went over to Macau for food and shopping. Since we have 2 new Casino Virgins, we decided to tap on their "Beginner’s Luck" to make some fast buck. Our new Lady Luck charmed us. In a short span of 3 hours, we left the casino with at least 150%-700% winnings. (Surely, I can’t give you the exact and breakdown here.) All I can say is – All well ends well!

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