A Homely PotLuck Feast

An unusual and very rare invitationScott organised our first HK PotLuck Party at his place last night. For the 1st time (since I knew him 10 years ago), I was treated to Scott’s homemade cuisine. Not bad for an old playboy – Scott surprised me with his 2 dishes of vegetables. Not to disappoint his guests, Scott brought in another "star helper" – Alex – who gave us very delicious dark soya-oil chicken and steamed fish. Not to forget my wife – who also came prepared with a pot of vegetarian curry, green nasi lemak and our favourite fried carrot-cake! Hong Fei and gang backed up last night’s dinner with 100% safe KFC (just in case none of these potluck dishes is edible.) And Tracy? She washed up all the dirty plates and kitchen after our feast.

After dinner, Scott brought out his new mahjong table and mahjong tiles (yes, brand new!). Alex taught the group (and Harshad) how to play "HK-Style Mahjong". The rules are less complicated than the ones that we played in Singapore. And the HK-wining rates are far more generous than ours. One of the best rules is: Only the person who gave out the winning tile has to pay. The other two need not to pay. (So nice!)

Guess who won? It is not the Hongkies… not the Singaporeans or the Malaysians. It was the 1st-time player, Harshad – who won us all! Talk about beginner’s luck! It certainly exists in this world! (Let’s hope he is not addicted to this boring game of tiles)

2 Responses to A Homely PotLuck Feast

  1. Big says:

    And you are suggesting…mmm…

  2. Joanne says:

    I think Feli and Scott looks good in the first photo above. Heehe…

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