Meow Meow No More


Today, we bid farewell to Kitty Tong (our sweetest GTR member ever). She has been with the team for 18 months and just 2 days after her birthday celebration at the karaoke, she decided it was time to part. (Guess she is tired of all the cat-fights at the alley). Surely, we are sad to see her leave as she has been a very helpful, attentive and caring kitty. Despite our short encounter, Kitty reads me like a glass of water. She was always able to "think what I am thinking"…  Guess it takes one to know one, huh? (She was also the one who help us planned and booked all my holiday trips – Korea and this year Japan trip)

For some strange twists of fate, the Pacific Coffee at the Center marks the place where I first and the last place I met Kitty. It was there where I interviewed her. It was also the same table and chair where she submitted her resignation letter to me. Sad to lose such a nice neighbour at work. (but no worry, we will be meeting her at Tokyo next week!)

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