Happy Kitty!

This is our 2nd birthday celebration for our sweet and lovely Kitty! Lucky girl, she got her "perfect gift" (cos’ she told us what to get – saving our time and brain cells!) And we got a tasty chocolate cake + the biggest birthday card ever! Later that night, we went "REDBOX Karaoke" and sang our hearts for her till midnight! A funny discovery about our shy goody young boy, Ernest. He was 100% right when he said he cannot sing – cos’ this rock star RAPS! Trust me, he raps and he is not that typical quiet fellow at work! Mm…well, he didn’t do well for that "Endless Love" duet with our birthday girl! Haaaa…. 

Kitty is indeed popular – For the 1st time, we have inter-departmental friends joining us! It was great to have both Arthur and Audrey (both of them can sing so well!) with us that night! Especially the silly "bottom’s up, hand’s up dice game!" – It is not suitable for "old folks" like me. For a while, I felt so so young…! GREAT NIGHT (AND we still have 1 more bottle of Chivas untouched for Harshad & gang!) 

Thanks Tracy – for editing and putting the "BEST FOOTAGE" here! Yes! We all have talent!

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