I Can Show You the World

We have a long weekend this week (Monday is a public holiday in Hong Kong). Since Felicia and Elkan haven’t been to Shenzhen, I decided to bring them cross the border and visit their most famous theme-park – Window of the World "世界之窗".

Built in 1994, "Window of the World 世界之窗" was one of the 3 famous little world theme-parks in greater China. The other two are located in Taiwan (Click Link: 小人国) and Beijing (Click Link: 北京世界公园)

This park is bigger than what I have expected. It is about 400,000sqm big, showcasing 43 national minitures. It will be good to visit this park during winter – when the weather is more cooling and comfortable. This place promises excellent photo-opportunities. Especially for the first-timers. As this park was built more than 15 years ago, (judging its current conditions) I must say the management maintains this place very well. I am sure they did many renovations over the past 1 decade. No doubt, there are still rooms for improvements and updates. Especially for Singapore – it is time to put in our new landmarks like the Esplanade. Our Merlion presence here looks very 80s.  

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