1st 12 Hours with our Autumn Guest

Buddy Meijie landed 20 minutes late on the famous A380 Flight. And we sure packed his 1st 60 hours with back-to-back activities. (Evil laugh "Hee x 4" – I am going to expose him to all the dangerous substance in polluted south China cities). Of course, he is our lovely brother – and I am sure Harshad will be taking GOOD CARE of him. (since he played such a good host to Harshad the last time in Singapore!)

This is Meijie’s 2nd trip with us in Hong Kong. He came around this time last Autumn. (That was quite a dramatic trip for him!) This time, he will stay with us for 10 good days (including his 3-day Taipei tour next weeked – shit, he will miss Elkan’s birthday!). Today, we brought him to MEGABOX (via the ferry downstairs) and he watched his first B-Grade movie with us! Kinda a boring movie but it is certainly better than seeing my guest lazing around on my sofa. (Trust me, that buddy of mine just like to sleep/nap around – it has been 4 years – and he is still doing that!)

I bet you he can’t sleep tomorrow night! Again..Hee x 4. (See Updated Photo Below)

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