Another Amazing Weekend of Visitors


This is indeed an amazing month of visitors – Hovman, Jimmy, Rovis, my sister and family, my mother-in-law and aunt, Yiyi, Desmond… and today, I greeted 4 more new visitors from Singapore. My 69th (Aimai) and 72th (Cousin Bin and family) visitors dropped by at my place this evening! Within a short span of 100 minutes, I met all of them seperately. What a crazy weekend – it was "touch-&-go" affairs for all my meetings. Our encounters were just too short and quick. In the end, I regretted not spending enough time with my friends and cousins.
Like what Cousin Mike said, I just have too much on my plate to manage. Just 5 minutes ago, Aimai texted me if we can meet at LKF. I have to say no as I am packing now for another quickie business trip tomorrow morning – it will be another crazy 36 hours in Tokyo.

I love my life… I just wish I have more time to enjoy these wonderful togetherness with my loved ones.

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