The Js Are Here!

The Js Family is back in Hong Kong – James, Jovel and Jovin! And guess what, we are expecting the 4th "J" soon! (Opps, me and my big mouth!)

Life is so different this week. Overnight, we are overwhelmed with noisy kids and shopperholic-aunties who can outrun me in any marathon. The Js Family joined my family-in-law combing Hong Kong. Over the past 3 days, they covered Disneyland, the Peak and all major shopping streets! For the first time, my sister entered China’s soil via Zhuhai – seasick. What an unpleasant experience for them!

5 short days – that is all the time they have for us. Very soon, all these noise, buzz will be gone. And Elkan has started to miss all of them. The Js are leaving this Friday. And Elkan’s favourite Poipoi will be leaving next Wednesday. (Dun worry… consolations are coming – still have Jimmy, Cousin Bin, Rovis and Ida!)

Kinship is important. And opportunities like these are rare and precious. The money I earned today cannot buy back another time like this. Certainly, my 5-year old son knows this better than his old dad.

When saying goodbye to Qiqi at the taxi stand just now, he yelled to her and said "I want to see you tomorrow and Friday, okay?" Knowing that Qiqi and family will be leaving on Friday, he reminded me on the cab that he only left 2 more days to play with her. When asked "Will you cry when Qiqi leaves". Elkan replied in his purest innocence, "Yes. Of course I will cry. Because I am sad to see her go, daddy."

Even at such a young age, he knows how to treasure every minute and second he spends with his family. Shame on me, I have the option to choose between work and family. And many times, I neglected my family – be it here or back in Singapore. Really, that is no excuse for that. Family comes first.

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