A Very Very Happy Finale!

THE SWEETEST FINALE EVER: THIS EVENING, I received a surprise gift from my old clan from Singapore. I almost cried out when I saw the content inside! It wasn’t any commercial toy. It was a specially-made customised wooden musical wind-up toy!!!! Hanging on the toy were "special moments" and photos of my best buddies from home. (THANKS JOANNE WHO MADE THIS! You sly..haaa..trying to check me out on the Fedex box???)

Like a little boy, I opened the box, looked at it, wind the music and watched the photos and aeroplanes fly. For that one second, I was transformed to a child – feeling so contented, happy and peaceful. This musical piece is a very very special gift. I will always cherish it. Like all the other good wishes, special handmade gifts (Tracy’s Blog Book & the Birthday Videos Edits, Felicia’s First Cake, that awfully disgusting G-string & the overly expensive PS3 gift) plus the priceless companionships (Macau Trip) I received this birthday, I am very touched & grateful to have a group of friends and loved ones who love me so much. No matter how far you are (be it in London, USA, Taiwan, Malaysia, Shanghai or Singapore), thank you for remembering and making my humble day so special.  Indeed, I have a very very happy birthday.


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