The City of Giants

I am back in Beijing this week to complete what I didn’t accomplished in my last short trip. It may sound stupid, but I have promised myself to visit the famous "bird nest" and "water-cube". Okay, I am not really into sports but I am one of those who want to touch and see whatever I saw on TV. Haaaa… sounded like a real "himbo". (Hey! You have no idea what I watch on TV.) No matter what, I just want to tick some of these unfulfilled boxes on my list this year.

I was in Beijing during her hottest days in May – 34-35 degrees! Am I lucky or what? The sun and the heat was unbearable. The weather forecast said the weather is going back to its norm 19-25 degrees this weekend! (Urghhh…by then, I will be back to HK!)

I have a great host – Hovman! And he knows exactly what I like! And he brought me to many interesting places – good food, cool space and lots of art! Mmm… the only thing he missed out is the GIRLS! Okay, just a good host – not great.

2 nights ago – Hovman brought me to see the "Great LED of Beijing". My first words "My god, the Chinese is incredible! Are they inferior or what? What are they building such big stuffs AGAIN?" I began to think this must be a "Chinese Thingy"- The Chinese like to build big, enormous, giantic, mammoth, massive, extraordinary things!!! They have the Great Wall, the Bird Nest, the WaterCube, the Three Gorges Dam, the Basketball player Yao Ming …. and by 2010, they are going to have the world’s biggest "Great Wheel" in Beijing Chaoyang Park. (see:


One Response to The City of Giants

  1. yiyi says:

    omg…Beijing is even more attractive from ur beautiful pictures…I think Tourism Authority of BeiJing needs to pay u…

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