Meet the Origins of Heroes and Xmen

Alice brought back some really nice paper GOD-ICONS from her Taipei trip. She get us pick our own "GODS". Strange and amazing.. by some magical coincidence, the icons we picked out for ourselves are pretty matching to our own characters and vibes… Even the looks are the matching! Yeah, I am the RED HOT Dictative Chinese in this TRIO. The French boss is the Newy Sonic Ears Orange Red God and my Indian Buddy is the Far-Sighted Jade Green God.

Come to think of it… the Chinese Gods do have mutant-like powers… like the abilities to see a thousand miles or super-sonic hearing. My gosh! We created these mythical characters hundred years back (way way before the Hollywood superheroes movies/comics were created!). Marvel created the "Fantastic 4" but the Chinese has our own Marvelous "Ten Brothers"? However, we don’t call them "mutants" or Xmen – we coined these special people as "GODS" with purposeful powers! 

Yeah, we do have our own "Spiderwoman" – but she is typically known as the kickass, sexy hot Villian "蜘蛛精". Imagine we had a joint Chinese-Hollywood movie – Spider-man verus "蜘蛛精"! Wow!

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