My 115-Year Sole-mate – BATA

I am a self-confessed BATA shoes lover. Cos’ it has been my favourite sole-mate since primary school days. Back at home, we call it "Buy And Throw Away". BATA isn’t seen as an international shoe brand – more like a neighbourhood one. Seriously, I always had the impression that BATA comes from Thailand or Malaysia (Urgh… those were the manufacturing countries!). I would never imagine BATA being an European brand – and certainly not a brand that have lasted more than a hundred years!

BATA is named after its founder "Tomas Batá". It was founded back in 1894 – now Czech Republic (yes.. 8 years younger than Coka-Cola and 61 years older than McDonald’s). Today, BATA can be found in over 50 countries and throughout its 115-year hertiage, it was estimated that BATA has produced more than 14 billions pairs of shoes. Impressive origin and marvelous heritage. I bet many of you didn’t know this.

It is no wonder when BATA opened in Shanghai – an orindary pair of BATA business shoes can fetch up to RMB1,000 (SGD200!). The same pair back home in Singapore only cost SGD89. Perhaps BATA is going back to recognise its roots. Surely (for me), BATA Shoes are very affordable and comfortable. It has been my sole-mates over the last 20 years – walking me from school to home, pathing all my life adventures. I wore them during my graduation. I wore them into my new home. I wore it during my business-setup days. And I am still faithfully wearing them today.

Not just buy and throw away. More like buy and travel again.

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