Breakfast Valentine

This morning, Felicia "made us" participate in a compulsory "Valentine Game". On Friday the 13th, Felicia texted a strange "teaser" sms to both Tracy and myself. We have to be at home from 10:30am to 11:30am (on 14th Feb) for a very special Valentine Surprise. How exciting!

At 10:30am sharp, Felicia setup the table with pancakes, honey, bananas, chocolate fudge, strawberries and other goodies. (mmm.. very kinky sweet and sticky stuff) – I was pretty nervous what she was going to play…. (Seriously, I think I watched too many naughty porn shows!)

"Today is Valentine’s Day! And we are all going to play a simple game! I want all of you to make your own Valentine Pancake! There will be prizes for everyone!" she said.

The game is simple. (1) Design your own pancake. (2) Draw a lot and decide whose pancake you will be having for breakfast later. (3) Valentine Gift exchange. (4) Have lots of fun together!

Immediately, a few naughty ideas (example: "Banana Honey Thrusting Pancake" or "Pancake Boobs with Pinky Strawberry Nipples") came into my mind. But with Elkan around, I had to drop those ideas. We were given 20 minutes to "design and make" our own pancakes.

The worst part of the game was drawing lot to decide whose pancake we will be eating – seriously, none of us want to eat Elkan’s messy creation! He was digging nose and poking his pancakes… We were quite disgusted looking at him assembling those pancakes. Yucky! (Thanks goodness! Fate has chosen Tracy to take the bullet for Felicia and me! Haaaa.. she ended up eating Elkan’s very dirty creation!) Lucky me, I picked Felicia’s beautiful pancakes! Elkan got mine and Felicia got Tracy’s.

Check out our creations! It is not difficult to guess which is Elkan’s masterpiece.

(Feli, thanks for making our 16th Valentine’s Day so fun and memorable!)

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