My 4th Meeting with Cousin Tao

Cousin Tai and I
first met when I was only 14 – he flew from Pakistan to visit us (with his high school friend, Omar). Together with my uncle-in-law, we visited a lot of tourist’s places in Singapore. The old Satay Club and Seletar Reservoir were one of those places we went. I even remember watching "Ramboo III" with them in the cinema. And he taught me my first advertising English term – "TV Commerical".

The second time we met was when I was 18. I was going to army the next month. Father and I brought him to new Haw Par Villa (Tiger Balm Theme Park). Felicia and I were just attached.

The third time we met was when I was 27. I have just acquired shares in VOXmedia – my early entrepreneur’s days. Felicia and I were married. We have just moved into our newly renovated Eunos flat. Felicia and I met Tao with Cousin Bin. He was staying at Marina Mandarin and we had dinner and drink at the new Esplanade. Later that night, we walked him back to his hotel and he gave us a few bottles of drinks (that I carried home – man, darn heavy!)

Last Sunday, we met again – our 4th encounter – and this time in Hong Kong. I am 33, father of a very pretty 4-year old boy Elkan. Tao is considering to relocate to Hong Kong for a 3-year assignment. And if this is so, it will be the first time we be living and working in the same country (provided fate allows that.. mmm.. or it will be another case of me moving away when he arrives…)

We are from the same Chua family…yet our fathers and us have been living apart for so many years. Despite the distance, the bond and brotherhood of yesteryears remain so intact and strong. For it is very true… blood runs thicker than water.

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