Happy Halloween

Theoretically, Halloween should be a "Joe’s" festival (no, I am not Irish). I am a natural prankster, love scary stuffs, hideous and 101% monstrous! In fact, I am a living Halloween character 363 days a year (except my birthday and Christmas). In order to blend in with the world of goodness and justice, I have no choice but to conceal my ugly identity with a "Mr Quite Nice Guy" mask. Seriously, who the hell want to employ a monster-cum-prankster?

Haven’t been feeling the "Halloween" festive mood for such a long time. The last time I celebrated Halloween was back in 1992 (that was the first and only Halloween party I attended ~ at Felicia’s Nanyang Polytechnic ~ the night she casted a spell on me!) Over the past 16 years, the only scary costume I wore was the green jungle camourflage "long 4" by SAF. Like most normal men out there, I am often intrigued (by not fetish) by mesmerising uniforms and costumes. Hot tight red eather vampire suit, skimpy black lacy seductress lingerie and white puffy cotton angel gown. Dun mind those toilet-rolled mummy female suit – provided there is nothing inside.

The younger generation sure love this festival. (More like a really bad fashion festival – of rugged street wear, low budget monster costumes, "going extinct" animal suits and recycled superheroes attires – like Spidy, Batty and Supy…Man, what so scary about my favourite heroes???) In Hong Kong, no matter where you are – you can feel the festive mood. There are giant pumpkins everywhere! Shopping centres, restuarants and even in housing estates! Not a pumpkin fan. I would prefer to carve those scary eyes and smile on our favourite old durian (if only we can do that!).

Elkan had his first halloween party this morning. Creative mummy made him a "CHUA-E" robot suit. Good and original home-made suit! At least, he is unique amongst the plenty of spidermen, supermen, pirates, princesses, mickey mices and vampires in his school. Mmm…didn’t see any Chinese Milk Farmers or Careless Sexpoliting Edison today… Aren’t they the worst breeds of Halloween this year? Perhaps, we should use this day to commemorate the undeserving villians and scumbags (not condoms) of this year.

After tonight, all the monsters will be gone and we be celebrating Christmas!
Mmm…. ohhhhh no……. my monster-in-law is coming back tomorrow! Er..typo…mother-in-law.

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