Wahbiang Blog is 3!

Happy 3rd Year Blogging! (23rd Oct 2008)

October is a month of important birthdays – my mother, my son and my blog.

So fast, another year went by and I am celebrating my 3rd year of blogging. (And thank you all for reading my humble blogs and writing down your comments! – my fan base have increase year on year! This year, I have achieved an incremental 37,000 visits!)

Surely, the past 12 months have been exciting, eventful and beautiful!

Here is the recap:

In 2006, I wrote 94 blogs and received 16600 visitorships.
In 2007, I wrote 97 blogs and received 24385 visitorships.
This year, I wrote 106 blogs and received 37377 visitorships.
There were sad and happy moments. I had a marvelous time with my visitors. I have met these many precious ones – Kalinda, Shin and Dendy, Serene, Duuk, Juliana, Gareth, Ivy, Joanne, Hovman, Meijie, Uncle Alvin, Kevin, Sherane, Uncle Asty, Chester, Amy & Benny, Leon, Scott and Yiyi, my sister, Qiqi and James, my parents, Stella, my mother-in-law and soon… Chups. And I have sad moments bidding farewell to these whom I missed so much – Francis, Echo and family, Rebecca, Calvin, Alicia, Cousin Yei and Summer, Johnny and Ming, Clare, Steven, Daisy, Lisa, Nick, Franklin & Sally and Hong Ai.

It is also the year when I traveled the most – to London, Taipei x 4, Vietnam, KL, Cebu, Nanjing, Hong Kong x 20s, Macau x 3, Shenzhen x 2 and Beijing – not forgetting Singapore x 3 and Shanghai x countless.  

It is also the year of unusual world events – Big snow in Shanghai, Beijing Olympic, Sichuan Earthquake and now the world Financial Tsunami. It is also the year when I moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong. It will be the year when my team scored the best marks for Ogilvy!

Indeed, it is a very very special year.

Here is the list of my 3rd Year Blog. I have bold those that I love so much. Click on them and it leads you right to my archive.

October 21       
My Mother’s 60th Birthday!
October 21       
A Surprise (22nd) Visitor
October 21       
Bye Stella
October 18       
Elkan’s 4th Birthday
October 16        
Elkan’s Present Has Just Arrived
October 15       
Morning Drama
October 12       
Francis’s New Girlfriend
October 05       
At the Peak with Eric

October 05       
Elkan’s Morning Ritual

September 29    Sex & The City
September 28   Beijing Milk & Jam! (Updated)
September 28   Meijie, Macau and Hong Kong
September 15    My New Toy
September 14   A Special Day of My Life
September 07    Bay Watch
September 07    Crowd Wooers!
September 07    Bad Celebrities of Asia
September 05    6 Days in Taiwan
September 04    The August Stars

August 26          Brother Came & Gone
August 22         
Brother is Here
August 18          48 Years Later….
August 18         
Belated Gift for Meijie
August 12          
A Teary Goodbye
August 11          
9th August Reunion – Day 1 & 2

August 09         
This Night in Beijing
August 06         
48 hours to Beijing Olympic
August 06         
My 1st Number 8 Typhoon

July 28              "The Days" Movie – Boi is in Town!
27              Exclusive Lane!
July 20             
Water Boy!
July 20             
Dazzling Saturday
July 20             
0824 on Fire!
July 20             
Stormy Week
July 20               
Goodbye "Hai Yue" (Back-dated Blog)
July 13             
Leon Meets Elkan
July 13             
My Daily Mornings…
July 13             
July 13               
My 1st Week and my 1st Visitor
July 02             
Running a new race in Hong Kong
July 01               
My last 36 hours in Shanghai

June 29               Goodbye Shanghai
June 29            
Hotel 13th
June 16            
Elkan’s 1st HairCut (by himself!)

June 15            
This Week in Pixels

June 15            
My 33rd Big Day
June 15            
Happy Father’s Day
June 09              
An Amazing Gathering!
June 08            
House Hunting

May 31              Birthday Lunch
May 25               
My last Month in Shanghai
May 19             
Black Week in China
May 17              
Tracy’s 29th Birthday Dresses
May 04              
iPhoto – Fun Shots from my iPhone
May 04             
Belated Birthday Gift for Gareth!
May 04             
Muah Chee!
May 04             
Our May Day Outing

May 04               
Turning Points Ahead

April 20             A Beautiful Sunday
April 20            
Toilet Creative Copy

April 20            
A New Member
April 14            
Room-mate Needed
April 14              
Mini Curtin Gathering
April 07           
  The Mist

April 07              
My 54th Visitor – Serene Chia!

April 04            
Funny Meanings
April 04            
Elkan is Back!
April 04              
Refreshing Taipei

March 21            Historical Nanjing
March 12            Beautiful Cebu

February 23       My new MBA – MacBook Air
February 23      
The Last Day of CNY
February 10      
My Big CNY Feast 2008
February 10      
Dad’s 60th Birthday Ride

February 07      
Joe Chua (1975 – 2050)   

January 30         Shanghai – Snow City
January 27       
A White Sunday Morning
January 27       
A Weekend of Bowling and Reunion Dinner
January 27       
Snow Shanghai
January 22       
Big Joe Meets Big Ben
January 09       
A happy and foggy dreamy birthday

January 08       
Elkan’s Coverlooks
January 02       
Elkan’s 1st Commercial Shoot

December 31    
The last blog of the year
December 31    
Make someone smile everyday
December 31    
Elkan’s 5m Encounter with the Lions
December 31    
My 50th Visitors
December 27    
12 days of Christmas @ Shanghai
December 27    
And the award goes to…
December 09    
Wahbiang Christmas 2007 – "Award Gala"
December 09    
Auntie Amy and Cousin "F4"
December 01    
"Yo! Bend it like Beckham!"
December 01    
Design Bazaar (18-19 Nov)
December 01    
Beautiful Peak
December 01    
My 47th Visitor – Hovman Goh

November 18     EveryDay Elkan
November 11    
Weekend with Cousin Alvin
November 11    
The Montblanc City
November 11    
An Unlikely Duo
November 04   
Dinner by Kal & Feli
November 04   
The One We Miss So Much!
November 04     
Hot Chicks on Wheels!
November 04    
My New Properties in Shanghai
November 03     My 24th Love

October 21        The Clown Festival
October 21       
Elkan’s 3rd Birthday

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