The One We Miss So Much!

Photo Only Exclusive at the Wahbiang Blog. (The brand new Kal-lendar)

Yes, she-STAR is back ~ after 1 month of traveling, putting weight and staying young! Our favourite next-door poster girl is back with a brand new makeover. She is not just more sexy, she came home a happier person! From Shanghai to Hangzhou to Hong Kong, we had so much fun with Kalinda throughout her short stay. (I bet she did!) Time flies so fast…living together meaningfully and fruitfully.

She certainly made a huge presence here in Shanghai. She left people crying for her. She touched their hearts and her absence is greatly missed (at both Singapore and Shanghai). I was surprised that she even got an escort on the day she arrived at Singapore.

“Will you miss me?” she asked many times, days before she departed Shanghai. I gave her a very typical Joe’s reply. “Yah yah..we will miss lah!”

On a serious note, Kal. I am beginning to feel her absence. Elkan and Tracy were sad that morning Kal left our house. The words in her cards touched our hearts. Though she hardly add any “noise”, we seems to lose that bit of “life” and “laughter”. We miss her a lot. (Sniff, sniff)

(Kal, Guess you are going to have many requests (from Gareth, Yifu, Duuk and Yixi) for your new photos. Remember, I have the exclusives. Dun share with those nuts. For more photos, visit my PICASSA.)

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