Meanwhile, on the other side…


Envy, envy, envy. Life on the other side (5 hours later) was such a contrast. It was a big warm welcome surprise for Elkan and Felicia. Auntie Amy & friend, my mum, mum-in-law, sister-in-law + Meijie, Joanne, Tracy and Kalinda were all there! They even came with flowers! Man, I never know my son commanded so much presence and importance. Okay, it could be my wife’s charm too. Really, I think it is the former.

Even at the Singapore custom, Elkan managed to walk away with FREE SWEETS! (At Pudong airport, he was offered free calculator!) My boy is getting too much freebies from everyone on the street. At one toy shop in Shanghai, the shop-keeper wanted to give Elkan her pet hamster! Another shop-keeper wanted to give him his toy car! Man, he is like voodoo. Even my colleague who met him at the airport yesterday offered to get my son a PET DOG!! And guess what, he even planned of giving a mini fish tank for Elkan! 

Urghhh… what about the poor old daddy who has nothing? No consolation dinner, no pat-in-the-back calls…Never had a welcome crowd when I went home…No toys, no flower…. Mmm..maybe I should stop planning my own surprise home trip for now on.   


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