The 3rd Visitor in Shanghai

2 days ago (11th August), I celebrated my 3rd month in Shanghai. It has been 1 successful quarter and a fruitful one. I have a wonderful corporate life but my personal life looks moderate. Positively, it is getting better (thanks to SKYPE, MSN…and those visitors!) 

Yesterday, my house received its 3rd Singapore Visitor – Bettina. (not to exclude Felicia, Meiling, Ow Yong, Monica (from Kimage), Charlie – they met me in Shanghai but didn’t drop by my new place.) Man, I was telling my Shanghai friends about the influx of Singaporeans to Shanghai.. I was receiving a Singaporean friend almost every 2 weeks. You can call me a lucky bastard but I say, I am in the right place at the right time. (Come on, if I am based in Bhutan for 1 year, I am sure I dun even have 0.5 visitor)
In some way or another, all my friends are really nice to me. Often, before they fly, they would call to check with me what do I need from Singapore. My standard answer is: “Just 1 or 2 of these – 8-days, FHM, Newman, HWM, Stuff, Straits Times, Newpaper“. English magazines are limited here and very expensive. Of course, I am not a fan for magazine but they are good toilet companion every morning. Magazine is flat and easy to carry (so these transporters wouldn’t say no). Ideally, I would love to say “Durian, PSP game, Xbox 360, Nasi Lemak, Bodyshop scents, Cool Water, Ribena and other erotic materials”.. haaaa.. Sorry, I mean “exotic”. Like my pet “Jiajia” and our dear buddy, Kalinda. (She is exotic right? Or erotic? I dun know…can be both, hor?)
On the other hand, whenever these friends are going back to Singapore, I would ask them what they need. And their standard answers would be: “DVD, Cheap Massage, Gucci, LV, Prada“. And guess what, the DVD shop boss recognised me and gave me a VIP card. Guess he thought I am a tour guide from Singapore. I tell you, the sales I brought in for him – is alarmingly good.
Mmm..maybe my Shanghai friend, Binbin is right – I should just start a shop in Shanghai…just to cater to Singaporeans. From massage to cheap branded goods + DVD, all under 1 roof. And yes, you can pay me in SingDollars. And I speak good Singlish too.
So, who is coming next?
(p/s: Okay, got to go…me having lunch with Feli now.)

4 Responses to The 3rd Visitor in Shanghai

  1. Sam says:

    I nameless because your dumb dumb k.k. blog dun allow me to input my name after your so call ‘renovation’. Hmmm.. You got a xiaoqian trapped inside your tap??? Its Meijie Bday party bash later. Too bad you not around…
    Sam Seng Yao XiaoQian

  2. Big says:

    Dear.. Sam.. why are you always nameless?Speaking about the "ghost", if you look at the blog image in this thread…you will see one with the J&J bottle. Look closer to the reflection of the tap on the right..there is this "little girl" inside the tap which I am still puzzled. I am serious! Eeeeerie.

  3. Sam says:

    Anyway i will haunt you soon in Shanghai…. Maybe in October…. HoooOO HoooOOo
    Sam Seng

  4. Sam says:

    Hey Broother, what makes you so sure that you have only 3 visitors so far???? This is the seventh month… Hooo HOooooOo
    And its a DOuble seVentH month… Hooo HOoooO.. I pray that no XiaoQian come and visit you so far… Wahahahhaah!!!

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