52 Weeks with Elkan

"When a child is born, a father is born."

Juliana gave me a book on fatherhood around the time when Felicia is going to deliver Elkan. Somehow, this copy left me a very deep impression about parenthood.            

Parenthood has certainly changed our lives in a great way. Before, I could never tell the big difference between our courtship days and our marriage life. There were still the same lovely weekend movies, regular fine-dining and annually holiday trip.

Somehow, all these changed when Elkan is born. There is no more weekend movies at the cinema – now we spend our weekend playing xbox games. Fine-dining has become a luxurious weekday affair when Elkan is not around. And overnight, all my wahbiang buddies became weekend nannies for my Elkan. Financially, there is also a big impact on our monthly spendings. We are keeping a huge part of our wages for this little monkey of ours. And soon, I have to start looking for a bigger unit to house our child. The current “studio apartment” is running out space fast. Where is the “zen element” that we were looking into when we first renovated this house? The list of changes can go on and on…       

Ambrose, Travis, Ethan or Elkan?

Naming my son could be the most difficult “branding project” I ever engaged. In fact, both Felicia and myself have been spending a lot of our time browsing thru hundred of baby names at MPH months before our son is born. Somehow, the name “Ambrose” has been ringing in my mind 3 months before the full-term of my son. First, I tot it is unique and it sure sound manly. But this name has been “violently objected” by almost 90% of my friends and family. For once in my life, I took their advise and picked another name.      

Eventually, the name “Elkan” is conceived (from internet) 12 hours before our son is born. “Elkan” is a hebrew name – meaning “belonging to God”. I have always put my faith and belief in Christianity but was too lazy to go church on Sundays. I hope my son would find his own connection with God one day.   

52 Weeks with Elkan

I would really love to title this booklet “365 days with Elkan”. The truth is we have only spent 52 precious weekends + 10 public holidays + 10 “mother-in-law on leaves” days with our son. That is why every weekend, I would try to snap as many photographs of Elkan – so that I can observe his growth and changes the next week we picked him up from my in-law.

Learning from Elkan

Believe it or not – The smallest being on earth has the largest influence on us. Wendy would agree with me. Stephen, Felicia and even Meijie are mimicking Elkan’s baby language. He certainly has powerful “communication influence” over these adults. 

Elkan may be just a baby but I am learning so much new things from him every weekend. Observing how Elkan starting to walk, how he got down the bed and the way he is trying to communicate are simply AMAZING. From what I have learnt over these 52 weekends, I made one discovery – A baby’s brain may be operating 10 times faster than us. Elkan has superb eye-sight, reaction speed and memory. It is a joy just to watch and observe his reactions time over time. Perhaps, it is time to teach him how to play my xbox.       

Doting Nannies

Just want to thank all of you for doting our little Elkan. Especially to these weekly full-time nannies – Stephen, Wendy, Joanne, Tracy, Kalinda, Juliana, Duuk and Meijie. Thanks to “Spell”, Elkan has achieved his first 11K publication appearance even before he turned 1. For Juliana and Stephen, thanks for all the nice clothings and toys that you have bought for our Elkan over the past 52 weekends. And yes, Kalinda, we can’t wait to spin your “merry-go-round” and see the completion of your banner “Elkan – My First Year”. Joanne and Tracy, thanks for helping up, covering my duties at work and watching over Elkan – be it at Caffeine or Hotel 25. For Duuk and Meijie, I know it may be bored for you guys. But really appreciate your presence at my hotel every Sat for our regular sessions of xbox.

Last but no least, a BIG THANK YOU to my mother-in-law, Chup and Stella for spending your days with Elkan. And huggies for my papa and mama, Auntie Amy and Sister Jovel who loves Elkan so much. And yes, BIG BIG LOVE for my dear Bobo who has lost so much energy taking care of 2 babies at Hotel 25. (Hint: any holiday trip soon?)           

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