Eat Play Work Thailand – Phuket Trip

Leaving my friends and family behind, I flew off to Phuket to join my colleagues and clients for a 5-day luxury conference at The Westin Siray Bay Resort and Spa. The luxurious bay-front resort offers panoramic sea views, hill-top infinity pools and big private pool-suites. For 3 days, we were stranded indoor for the conference, it was quite a pity that we were unable to spend all 5 days out in the water and on the beach (we managed to spend 1 good day out in the sun, on the beach team building). Despite the rainy weather and enduring 2 disruptive hot humid nights due to Phuket’s worst blackout since 1978, I enjoyed my stay at Phuket. Great resort, sumptuous Thai food, great company of old friends and colleagues and genuinely superb fun at this year’s conference! Best of all, I managed to squeeze some time off in the early morning to take photographs of this beautiful resort.

2 Responses to Eat Play Work Thailand – Phuket Trip

  1. Rupert John says:

    Nice photography. Thanks for sharing your travel experience with us. Phuket is an awesome place to visit and enjoy.

  2. nice blog i really love it

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