Universal Studio Singapore

Today, we joined thousands of children celebrating Children’s Day at the Universal Studio Singapore. I was told by many that the USS is smaller and “less attractive” than Disneyland Hong Kong. My verdict (after visiting the place): Both themeparks are very different. In my opinion, USS offers more action and drama than Hong Kong Disneyland!

My favourites are the “Revenge of the Mummy” indoor semi-dark roller-coaster ride and the highly-entertaining explosive “WaterWorld” show. “Steven Spielberg’s Special Effects Studio” is awesome! The destruction effects are spectacular! (It surely shocked my kid to the back of the room!) I will give them full marks if they add in the wind / big waves. “Shrek 4D” surpassed my expectation – the show jolted me off the chair with unexpected physical “sensations”.

My only complain is the hot weather. The park management should install more “mist blowers” to cool down the heat. Everything else is great. I am looking forward for their new expansion and add-on attractions in the coming future!

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  1. hey damn… there were no penguins when i went to uni std… 😦 btw i love that photo… magegascar is one of my fav movie… i hope they make make 3 earlier

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