Becoming Joe Junior…

Come July, Elkan will be graduating. Yesterday, we had another "Meet The Parents" session with his class tutor.

Having been through a couple of these sessions (and getting Elkan’s recent report card), I wasn’t as nervous as our first session. However, yesterday’s session was rather embarrassing to us – if not, horrific for any parents. This was what his teacher said to us:

"Elkan is performing very well in his class and he speaks very good English – compared with the rest of his classmates. He is more mature and behaves slightly beyond his age. There were a couple of INTERESTING INCIDENTS when Elkan surprised me. I was teaching the class ABC. And by the time I came to the letter "F", he yelled loudly that the "F-Word" is a bad word. And not to mention about the "S" word too. Another incident was when I was teaching the class about the names of the fingers (Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring, Baby). And when the time I was about to introduce the middle finger, Elkan yelled, stating that that was a "bad finger". Of course, in both incidents, only 2 of us were able to relate what was going on. The rest of the class weren’t in the know of such stuff."

You cannot imagine the look on our face. We were totally speechless. We never expect such a feedback from his tutor. And we weren’t very sure how to react to that. For a moment, I thought we have taught him the right things. At least, he was aware the "negative" bits of foul language. But we just not so sure about his guts of telling his teacher off in class on those "meanings". (Anyway, the review about Elkan is excellent and his teacher loves him a lot!)

Guess what Elkan said to all our visitors and friends lately:

1) To Chern Hui – "How come you are so short?"
2) To 3rd Uncle – "Why are you putting that thing in your ears? Can I play?"
3) To Alicia – "No, I prefer my girlfriend to be in pink or orange dress. If not in these colours, I will be happy if she is not wearing anything!"
4) To Chee Bin –
"How come your breasts are so hard?"
5) To Harshad – "Wow! Why your one is so black!"

Certainly, kids say the darndest things! Despite all our discipline and reformative trainings, I am still very worry what he is going to say next.

2 Responses to Becoming Joe Junior…

  1. Big says:

    Thanks Calvin.. You are so right. 🙂

  2. Calvin says:

    so pity are you. i can imagine people must suppose what the environment this kid is living, however i trust you’re innocent :)at least, your son is very very clear what’s right and what is not.

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