Meeting 周潤發

It was rare that 3 separate teams dined out together. It was even rarer that we decided to walk 800m to IFC Mall for lunch. And it was the first time we had team lunch at this restaurant. And of all these rarities, we had the rarest encounter with a Hong Kong legend – Mr Chow Yun Fatt! He walked past our group and Chowpo waved at him. He walked toward her and the group asked him politely for a photo. He gave us a straight look and said no instantly. He then put his arm around Chowpo and ushered her to a quiet corner and snapped a photo with her. We were so envious of Chowpo. Just when we thought he was going to leave, Mr Chow revealed his candid humour. He smiled and gestured to us to come quietly forward to take a personal shot with him. In the end, he patiently took 10 close-up shots with every one of us! When the commotion got bigger, he looked back at Chowpo and joked “it is all your fault!”. With that, he smiled and left the scene quickly. What a smooth charmer!

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