World’s Greatest at the World’s Smallest – Vatican City

This is the last stop of our Europe Tour. Last but a very important stop – at the world’s smallest country/city state – Vatican City. We will be heading back to Hong Kong tomorrow morning.

We moved to a new hotel just meters outside the St Peter’s Square. We stayed in a very grand hotel, St Peter XI Temporary Room. Elkan loves this hotel. He said this is the best hotel we stayed in Europe. It is spacious and he likes his bed. At the hotel, Elkan discovered a new “Magic Door”. It is an old lift. He was having so much fun operating it.

There is no word I can use to describe the greatness and wonders I saw inside Vatican City. It defies impossibilities and it reminds the world the glorious master creations of man and God.

Saint Peter’s Basilica is truly legendary. For the first 5 minutes inside the church, I was speechless by its magnitude, magnificent interiors and grandeur. So was Elkan. He was quiet, looking around for one rare time! No photo, no word can define this experience. There aren’t many manmade places and wonders on Earth that can match up to its greatness. The Saint Peter’s Basilica defines breathtaking. It is so powerful and overwhelming. I felt so tiny and humbled in its presence. It stands today as one of the world’s largest, holiest and most beautiful churches.

Sistine Chapel (inside the Vatican Museum) is  the official site of the Papal conclave, the process by which a new Pope is selected. Millions of tourists arrive each year to awe at its most famous ceiling painting, Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam. The colours, the shadows and the perspective make the painting comes alive and 3-dimensional, it is simply amazing.

We spent our last night hunting for Chinese food (as per Elkan’s request) and we explored the back alleys on the other side of the Vatican City. It was gloomy and drizzling the entire day but the greatness of Vatican brighten our day and night. What a great place to end our tour!

This is it. Signing off from our little Europe adventure. Goodbye. Addio. Au revoir. 

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  1. boot12 says:

    Stunning photos.

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