SUPER 超级白!(Singapore SuperWhite T-Shirt)

For years, Hong Kong has been blasting us with their most infamous phase “Delay No More” by GOD (Goods of Desire).  Finally, someone in Singapore has created retaliated with our very own Super Pun “超级白”! Thanks to Singapore’s top designers Casey and Eugene, they got me a very special limited edition SuperWhite T-shirt. Best of all, I got my favourite serial number “Box 2 of 100”! I promised the designer to parade his t-shirt in front of the Hong Kong Victoria Harbour! Bet I am the first to glorify this in Hong Kong. Sadly, only the Singaporean, Malaysian and Taiwanese would understand this pun. I love the disclaimer printed on the packaging – it says “Sworn by Generations. Use with care.” Hahah.. so true. My dad and my Ah Beng buddies will love this! I am looking forward to their next edition!

If you wish to own this very special Made-in-Singapore Limited Edition T-shirt (Price: SGD35), chat with the friendly creators at SuperWhite @ Facebook: Enjoy the video below!

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