Wishing for another great year – 2012

Thanks to Tracy, we got VIP tickets to the rooftop at Harbour City to watch this year’s New Year fireworks. I remembered we were stuck in a 4-hour jam last year in Taiwan’s New Year Countdown Party. I wasn’t keen to get myself stuck this year. Since most of us, including myself, has never been to any fireworks in Hong Kong (except the one in Disneyland), we decided to go for it. Thanks to the good crowd-control at Harbour City, there was no rowdy crowd, everything was in perfect order. The security personnel at Harbour City were very friendly and helpful. As we were in the VIP Area, I got a full view of Hong Kong’s crown jewel, the Victoria Harbour.

This is our first New Year countdown in Cantonese. Surprisingly, this is our first New Year countdown in Hong Kong! (We celebrated new year in Shanghai, Korea, Japan and Taiwan in the past years!) The fireworks weren’t as grand or spectacular as the one we saw in 2011 but it was good to be out here with my family and good friends. It reminded me how fast time flies.

2011 has been a really good year for my family and me. Despite our separation, we managed to spend superb quality time with one another at some of the most beautiful places outside Singapore and Hong Kong. My regular trips with Felicia and Elkan, my mum & Auntie Amy and my Dad – those were great bonding times with my loved ones. For Elkan, these moments were his “adventures” with his daddy, mummy and god-siblings (Baybay, Harshad, Lionnel and Kalinda!). From whale-watching at Gold Coast to kayaking at Bintan, these are some of the happiest moments we shared. Looking back at all the photos in my blog, it reminded me how blessed we are. I am so thankful for all these precious moments.

Cheers to another great year (and yes, this may not be the end of the world yet) and wishing all my loved ones and blog readers a very very Happy 2012!

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