The Taste of Family II – Deep Fried Paper-Wrapped Chicken (纸包鸡)

After my last successful “cooking lesson” with my mum, I am back in Singapore this weekend to learn another favorite dish from her. This is one popular Malaysian Chinese dish which she has not cooked for me since my teenage. It has been one of my most favorite dishes, the “Paper-Wrapped Chicken” (纸包鸡).

The secret lies in the paper packs (self-made using baking paper) that conceal the full essence of the marinating flavors. Depending what taste you like, you may marinate the chicken with oyster sauce, black-pepper sauce, honey or even five-spices powder. The recipe is simple – Marinate, pack and deep fry the chicken. Emerged in the oil hot, the bag evenly cooked the chicken, concealing the rich taste inside. The outcome: Rich savory taste, juicy and tender chicken! Yummy!

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