Travel Blog – Shanghai Day 4

We finally get to see the real Shanghai on our Day 4. The whole gang of us decided to break into 5 little groups:

1) Leon and Girlfriend

2) Hovman, Siow Wei, Meijie and Kalinda
3) Mum and Aunt
4) Francis and Echo + parents
5) Me, Felicia and my cousin, Ong Yei
Travelling in a small group has all its advantages. You move fast and get to see more things. You save time without waiting for anyone. It is also easier to hop from one place to another – all within 1 cab.
I decided to spend my Sunday with my dear cousin, Yei. At 12pm, both Felicia and I decided to drop him a visit at his Pudong Condo. Man, he was living just right beside Shanghai’s financial district.

We had a 10-hour crash-course on about Shanghai. I have been to Shanghai 3 times and this is the first time I really get to enjoy Shanghai. (Yei never give me such a brotherly guide on Shanghai the last time I was here in 2002). From the world’s tallest hotel to the most spectacular Nanjing shopping street, we get to experience the "blink-blink" of Shanghai. On a cab, we took a spin around the Bund. We had lunch at Jinmao, desert at the bund (Pudong side), massage at Huai Hai Lu, superb Japanese food at Nanjing Lu and a 40-walk from People’s Square to the Bund.

Within that short 10 hours, both Felicia and I seemed to get the entire travel package…. Cousin is fun today…giving us lots of insight and the 2 of us kinda shared a lot of things (from business, to family) Thanks Yei..I know you dun offer this "special premium" to anyone. 🙂 Really appreciate…
At 10pm, the whole group merged together at the Bund. We decided to call off the night and went back to our apartment. It was a fruitful day for me… haaa… pure sight-seeing, pure catching up with a relative….and 0% shopping… Haaaa…
Dun get me wrong, I love shopping too.

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